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Welcome to BROKEN REALM! Focusing on the various fey courts, Broken Realm centers around the political and personal stories of the creatures dwelling within Elysia; a realm broken by centuries of warring conflicts and vendettas that run deep. Within here you will find all of the information you need to get started.

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Our freeform application and claims can be found here. Please post your application here to be reviewed, either using a {WIP} marker or bumping it when it is completed. Once you are approved, filling out the claims will be your next step.

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All accepted applications will be sorted here. Ratios are listed below, but we do not require you follow them, simply that you take them into consideration.

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Plotters, wanted ads, thread trackers, moodboards, etc. can all be found here. Wanted ads are guest friendly!

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The Shining Thrones
The Shining Thrones consist of the main Seelie Court which is currently ruled by Erlking Oberon; and the lesser solar court known as the Day Court where mortals and halflings can find refuge for a price. Though it is always twilight in the lands surrounding the two kingdoms, the weather shifts as quickly as the seelie fey's temperament ranging from mild, calm spring afternoons to sweltering, raging summer storms.

Subforums: Seelie Court, Day Court

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Tir Na Nog
Tir Na Nog consists of the main Unseelie Court which is currently ruled by the Wintry Queen Elphame; and the lesser solar court known as the Night Court. It is always night and early dawn within Tir Na Nog, leaving temperatures fluctuating between bitterly cold and below freezing. The ground is frozen solid and blanketed in thick snow and impenetrable layers of ice.

Subforums: Unseelie Court, Night Court

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A kingdom resting in the center of neutral territory, void of both a ruler and throne. The towering fortress stands as a symbolic relic used by both courts only during important events that require them to meet together. The sprawling town and land surrounding it belong to none but are freely used by many. It isn't unlawful for blood to be shed or rules to be broken on this land, allowing the fey to take vengeance into their own hands which could sometimes prove to be worse.

Subforums: Grey Court, Town Square, Shadow Market, Ogre's Breath Tavern

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The Wyldwood is a thicket of forest on neutral territory, though closely bordering the Seelie's lands. With massive trees and canopies so thick, they blot out the sunlight, it is easy for any to get lost within this winding forest. Even experienced hunters have found themselves sometimes turned around by the seemingly ever changing paths.

Subforums: Silver Lake

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Mag Mell Ruins
Nestled at the base of a vast mountain range remains what appears to be a graveyard of rubble and overgrowth. These ruins are believed to be the remnants of a fallen court, now simply existing by the whispers of rumors, decaying stone, and rotted soil left behind. Though appearing to be desolate, it is ill advised one lingers too long here. Creatures and spirits much older than the ruins are believed to still dwell around their former home, including the horned god Cernunnos.

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Mountain Pass
A carved pass in the center of the vast, jagged mountain range that separates Elysia from beyond, this way forward is much faster but extremely treacherous. The stone is slick with ice and avalanches happen often. When one isn't worrying about the conditions of the pass, they still have Unseelie creatures to be weary of.

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Northern Coast
Past the mountains and beyond lies a stretch of ocean that seemingly goes on forever. None know what is on the other side and those that have tried to sail forth have never returned. The coast is home to many precious treasures in the form of rare resources and ancient creatures.

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Threads taking place anywhere else in Elysia or beyond, including time travel threads and the dreaming planes.

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Seattle, WA
Seattle is a human city that stinks of iron and other less inviting curiosities for the fey. It isn't unusual for Elysian creatures to wander into human territory, but rather uncommon for a human to stumble upon a portal into Elysia without the coaxing of a fairy. However, the portals do exist, creating one of the few direct trods between the faerie and human realms right in Washington.

Subforums: The City, Parks & Forests, Residences

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New Orleans, LA
New Orleans is a human city that stews with old legends, forbidden magic, and dark histories that entice the fey. Humans living within the ethereal Crescent City are naturally more inclined to fairy glamour, making it one of the fey's more prominent hunting grounds.

Subforums: Clubs & Nightlife, Riverfront, Residences

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General Chat
Games, OOC discussion, and any leave of absences can all be found in here. Come hang out!

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